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Born in New Orleans, the Theodent oral care brand was developed from the research of Tetsuo Nakamoto, DDS, Ph.D. In the 1990s, along with two of his colleagues, Alexander Falster, MS, and William “Skip” Simmons, Ph.D., Dr. Nakamoto discovered a novel ingredient found in cacao that was highly effective at strengthening tooth enamel.
Following this discovery, they continued their commercialization efforts and developed a line of premium toothpaste containing this novel ingredient they named “Rennou™.” This toothpaste offered the world the first ever viable alternative to fluoride.
In 2012, the team launched Theodent toothpaste in two-thirds of Whole Foods Markets, the most premium and respected grocer in the United States. Shortly after, Theodent garnered significant international interest and quickly expanded globally, with distribution networks now set up in over 20 countries.
As more consumers consider moving away from fluoride-based oral care products, seeking safer and more effective solutions, Theodent will continue to expand its product offerings and raise the bar in global oral health.
Our Mission
Theodent’s mission is to replace fluoride in the oral health marketplace by developing consumer and professional products with clean, safer, and more effective ingredients.
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