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The Ingredients
To produce the most premium toothpaste in the world, it all starts with the ingredients. Each ingredient in our toothpaste is carefully selected to serve a unique purpose for our formulation. Prior to each production, there are multiple layers of quality control tests to ensure that each ingredient that goes into your tube is of the highest grade possible. Theodent is committed to evolving our formulation to meet global health standards, and the needs of clinicians and our customers worldwide.
Rennou™ - the active ingredient that serves as a direct replacement for fluoride, Rennou™ promotes rapid remineralization of tooth enamel on contact. It is a carefully calculated formulation of Theobromine, Calcium, and Phosphate. Unlike fluoride, Rennou™ is entirely non-toxic and safe if swallowed.
Aqua/Water/Eau - serves as the primary vehicle for all other ingredients.
Hydrated Silica - acts as a thickening agent, a mild abrasive, and a whitening agent.
Xylitol - acts as a mild sweetener, and helps prevent bacterial growth on the enamel.
Sorbitol - acts as a thickening agent and flavor enhancer.
Glycerin - helps retain moisture and improve mouth-feel.
Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate - acts as a foaming agent and detergent, a safer alternative to SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate).
Xanthan Gum - a thickening agent, emulsifier, and stabilizer.
Titanium Dioxide - used in small concentrations to improve the color of the paste.
Citric Acid - used to stabilize the formulation, and enhance flavor.
Sodium Bicarbonate - used as a mild abrasive to remove plaque.
Sodium Benzoate - used as a preservative to prevent microbial growth in the tube.
Stevioside - (stevia) used as a plant-based sweetener.
Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil - gives the formula a refreshing spearmint flavor. This is used in both Theodent Classic and Theodent 300.
Natural Flavor/Aroma (Chocolate) - gives the Theodent Kids toothpaste its signature chocolate flavor that kids love.
Vanilla Planifolia Flower Extract - used in a small amount to improve the overall flavor.
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